SKATELANDER | All 5 Secret Characters Unlock | Mad Piraskate, Angel, Kungflip Master | ☆19 Gameplay

Zum Bearbeiten hier Here’s how to unlock and get all 5 Secret Characters in Skatelander. NEW Characters from Updates are included.

#1 Fupanda
Play with any Character. Once you reached 150 Score a green garbage box will appear. Hit that box with your Skater and you will unlock Fupanda.

#2 Kungflip Master (Secret Character Fupanda required)
Make a new high score with the Secret Character Fupanda.

#3 Rockstar:
To unlock the Rockstar you need to perform round about 10 tricks with Raging Queen Board (buy it for 50 in game bucks)

#4 Angel:
To unlock the Angel you have to play as Skatan and collect a ring. It’s rather rare so it might take some time to find it.

#5 Mad Pirskate:
To unlock Mad Pirskate you choose a character that skates in an environment surrounded by water. Wait for the power bar to be full. Perform a trick over a grandpa and land in the water. Wait for the game to end and the pirate will be unlocked. 

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