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Pokemon GO

How to Get PIKACHU as Starter Pokemon in Pokemon Go – SECRET!

At the beginning of the game you see three Pokemon to choose from – Bulbasaur, Glumanda and Schiggy. Just Walk away and they pop up again. Repeat this 4 or 5 times and HERE YOU GO! The Legendary Pokemon PIKACHU SHOWS UP!

This Video Shows HOW TO GET PIKACHU AS STARTER POKEMON! – Pokemon Go – HIDDEN POKEMON GO TRICK! Worlds First Pokemon Go Hack / Cheat / Secret / Easter Egg?!?!?!

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Cute Doge Listens To Pokemon Theme Song

 Cute Doge Listens To Pokemon Theme Song

This cute Dog Listens to his Owner Playing the Pokemon Theme Song in an Awesome Acoustic Guitar  Version. He´s dressed up as Picachu and has a Pokeball. Best Cosplay ever. If you want to see more awesome Acoustic Guitar Songs with Maple, you can check their Youtube Channel here!

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