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Crossy Road

How to unlock all 30 CROSSY ROAD Secret Characters

October 15, 2018

Getting started

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This tutorial shows you how to unlock all Secret Crossy Road Characters! Scroll down for older unlocks. If you know how to unlock new secret characters or if you simply want to leave us a comment, you can do that at the bottom of the page.

Latest Crossy Road Secret Characters | Tap My Katamari / Halloween Update – October 2016

A brand new Crossy Road Halloween 2016 Update was released on 26 October 2016. This update added 7 NEW characters: There are some figurines from the Tap My Katamari game and some new and old Halloween characters. There are 3 new secret characters, which can be unlocked:

The Princess of all Cosmos
Play as the Prince of all Cosmos and roll over a great number of items to increase your Katamari ball. Once you die his wife the Princess of all Cosmos will be unlocked!

The King of all Cosmos
Play as one of the Tap My Katamari characters and collect every color of the rainbow when rolling over the items. Once you die the King of all Cosmos will be unlocked!

The Queen of all Cosmos
Play as the the King of all Cosmos and shoot the obstacles with your rainbow beam. Once you die his wife the Queen of all Cosmos will be unlocked!



Dinosaur Update – September 2016

The Crossy Road Dinosaur update added 13 new Crossy Road Characters. The total character count went up to 184. There are 12 new characters and 1 new secret character. The characters, which can be obtained by the prize machine are: Dinosaur Chicken, Stegosaurus, Thesaurus, Parasaurolophus, Archaeopteryx, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Palaeontologist, Triceratops, Dilophosaurus,  Pachycephalosaurus, Unexpected Shrew and Flat Eric. Please note, that Dinosaur Chicken and Flat Eric are free for a limited time. ​If you know how to unlock the new Crossy Road Dinosaur Secret Characters, let us know in the comments!

Play as the Paleontologist and collect all 5 different skeleton pieces. Once you die the dinosaur skeleton Bones is unlocked!
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