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Shooty Skies

All Secret Characters Unlock

The creators of Crossy Road present Shooty Skies!
Shoot, dodge, duck, goose and weave.
Take to the skies!
If you ask yourself how to unlock the Secret Characters in Shooty Skies you will find the answers here. This is the complete guide. The Shooty Skies Secret Characters are Hipster Whale, Zombunnie, Pew Pew Pew, Sparkles, Drama Llama, Morty and Zombie Kitty. Two new Shooty Skies Secret Characters were added in the Black Friday Update: Monster Savings and Roddy Cat. Another 4 Secret Characters were added in the Christmas Update. Two more Characters are Ya Zi and Monkey King from the Chinese New Year Update.  Another 6 hidden characters came with the Munchable Madness Update. Six more unlock-able characters were added with the  Pirates Ahoi Update in April 2016. Four more secret characters were added with the  Destination Mars Update in June 2016.
We present you the Secret Character Unlocks we already found. Feel free to discuss the other Unlocks and your experience with us to complete the guide:

SHOOTY SKIES 80s Videogames Arcade Update – October 2016

The new Shooty Skies Update with an eighties videogames arcade theme has just been released. It added 12 new pilots, 6 of them are new Shooty Skies secret characters. If you have any tips & tricks how to unlock Shooty Skies secret characters, please write us comments in our comments section below! We are still collecting. Thanks to Da Mobile Mob for his videos and Jerry for submitting the first secret character unlock conditions.

NEW #1 Race Position
Play with the Princess Power Fists and a collect the silver and bronze trophies inside the wooden boxes until you find a golden one. When you die you win the secret character Race Position.

NEW #2 Neon Rider Play with Jumpy and collect round about 20 items from the wooden crates to get the Neon Rider secret character.   NEW #3 Pinball Wizard Play with tht secret character Neon Rider and defeat the Pinball machine boss  to get the Pinball Wizard secret character.   NEW #4 Colonel Cube
Play with any of the standart characters and shoot down the bricks of breakout to unlock the secret charatcer Colonel Cube from the game Breakout.   NEW #5 Insert Coin
Play with the character Ode to Joystick and  defeat the Pinball machine boss  to get the Pinball Wizard secret character.   NEW #6 ???   If you have any tips & tricks or other information on how to unlock Shooty Skies secret characters, please write us comments here!


#33 Mr Woofs – Shooty Skies Secret Character

Shooty Skies Secret Character Mr Woofs
#33  Mr Woofs

Play as Stuffie and shoot down the basket of cats. You will unlock the secret character Mr Woofs. This is probably the way to unlock Mr Woofs. If you have any other hints, please share it with us in the comments.

If this is not working, check our top comments!
Top Comments:
– I unlocked Mr Woofs by playing as the recently unlocked Stuffy and achieving a Great Score. That’s about at least 85% of your current. high score.
-Mr Woofs unlocked when I was playing as Fluffles. I shot down a box of kittens and a unicorn firing rainbow bullets, and killed 3 bosses before I died. Not sure which one triggered the unlock.

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