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Snappy Dealz

Snappy Dealz – Snap a Deal
7th Anniversary Edition for www.mydealz.de
Happy birthday mydealz!

This is a fan project for the mydealz hukd community presenting the most unique flappy bird homage:
Snappy Dealz

Snap and help the crocodile to find all the hidden deals in his 8bit retro world! Catch them all at specific scores to complete your trophy board, your skill will be rated from icecold to burning hot. Show us your highscores and deals on facebook https://www.facebook.com/snappydealz

• 8-bit retro graphics, help crocodile Snappy to deal with flames & ice
• 7 skill ratings from icecold to burning hot
• 16 hukd deals to snap at specific scores
• collect all deals to complete your trophy board
• free game for the hukd community and 7th birthday of mydealz

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Country Crush

Country Crush is an epic switching and matching puzzle game by BitStern. New weapons, crushing combinations and challenging contries and levels with tanks and explosions! Explore new countries from Germany to the U.S. to Russia and maybe to Space in this Countryballs and Polandball world!

Play Country Crush alone or with friends to get new high score record!​

*Country Crush – The Countryballs Saga features:
* More than 100 levels!
* Addictive classic match 3 puzzle game.
* Switch weapons and for epic explosions!
* No soda, sweets or candy this time!
* Match five to get an atomic special!
* Explore new countries.
* Easy to learn, hard to mater.
* For players that connect to Facebook Connect, you can see your friends on the map. Compare your best scores!

Be awesome playing Country Crush!



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Countryballs – The game

An Endless Countryball Arcade Runner

Why cannot Poland into space?
Why does Germoney have to wörk?
When can France into surrender?
Why is Spain still waiting for siesta?
Why did Europe run out of money?

• The very first Countryballs endless runner!
• Pay once and play! No in-app purchases!
• Play 16+2 different Countryballs!
• Explore many unique levels!
• 18 exclusive Polandball comics!
• Unlock new characters in the lottery!
• Share your high score & compete with friends!


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21 Dice

• Swipe the dice to hit 21 or get busted
• Fast paced, intuitive controls & unique design
• Completely free, NO In-App Purchases
• Choose from 3 exciting modes
• Classic: Complete all stack to gold level 21
• Arcade: Get a new highscore with special dice
• Time Attack: Complete one stack as fast as possible