Disney CR Aladdin Secret Characters

The new Disney Crossy Road October 2016 Update has just been released. This time it’s all about the new Aladdin movie.

If you have any tips & tricks how to unlock Aladdin secret characters, please write us comments here!

NEW  #1 Pink Flamingo – Agrabah Royality Set
To unlock the Pink Flamingo you have to complete the Agrabah Royalty Set. Characters within the set: The Sultan, Jasmine, Jafar, Lago…

NEW  #2 Magic Lamp – Action Unlock
Play as Genie and zap 25 objects to unlock the Magic Lamp.

NEW #3 Golden Scarab Beetle –  Action Unlock
Play as Jafar and watch for the first  half of the golden scarab beetle. After collecting it, play with Gazeem and find the other half. Then the Golden Scarab Beetle will be unlocked.

NEW #4 Beggar Jafar – Cave of Wonders Set 
Unlock Beggar Jafar by completing the Cave of Wonders Set. Characters within the set: Aladdin, Jafar, Gazeem, Magic Carpet, Genie…


Special thanks go to YouTuber DaMobile Mob for providing a lot of the info!

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