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Crossy Road

How to unlock all 30 CROSSY ROAD Secret Characters

October 15, 2018

Getting started

Over 100,000,000 downloads! Apple Design Award Winner 2015!
Crossy Road™ is the #1 viral smash hit you’ll never stop playing.

This tutorial shows you how to unlock all Secret Crossy Road Characters! Scroll down for older unlocks. If you know how to unlock new secret characters or if you simply want to leave us a comment, you can do that at the bottom of the page.

Older Crossy Road Secret Characters

In this section the Secret characters in Crossy Road covering the releases Australian Update, Chinese New Year’s Update, the UK & Ireland, the NEW Micro Update Update, the Korean Update and the Pac-Man Update are shown!
Here you will find the walkthrough tutorial of the Crossy Road mystery characters Inky, Pinky, Clyde, Blinky, Pro Gamer, Michael Boom, Jughead, Rugby Player, the Loch Ness Monster Nessy (usually spelled Nessie), Leprechaun, the red Telephone Box, Hipster Whale, Gifty, Crab, Drop Bear, Cai Shen, the developers Andy Sum, Ben Weatherall and Matt Hall.

Pac-Man Update:
Inky: Collect 2500 white Pac-Dots in total playing as Pac-Man to unlock Inky! The Crossy Road Inky Mystery is developer confirmed!
Pinky: Play as the Pac Chicken and find the cherry in the Pac environment.
Clyde: Play as the Pac-Man and eat 7 ghosts in one power pellet session!
Blinky: Play as the Pac-Chicken, find and hit Pac-Man on the street!

Korean Update:
Pro Gamer: Apparently you just have to be very fast and hit a certain score (round about 100), not sure, what’s the exact cut off, but aim for a higher one!

Crossy Road Micro Update:
Jughead: Play Archie and eat around 50 burgers, they can be obtained in different rounds!
Michael Boom:  Play any character and crash into the green Rocket car! The gameplay after that is full of explosions, jets and effects.
Rugby Player: You have to play as the squirrel and find a tree with a white rugby ball on top of it.  Get near this tree, the ball will fall down and the character will be unlock after you die the next time.

Crossy Road UK & Ireland Update:
Nessy: You have to play as one of the new UK or Ireland characters and find the Loch Ness Monster swimming in the river and jump on his back. Once you die after that, the hidden mystery character is unlocked! It’s very similar to the Hipster Whale unlock.
Phone Box: You have to play as one of the new UK or Ireland characters and find the field with the ringing red telephone box. Once you hear the ringing sound, you know, you are near the field. Once you die after the phone box, you will unlock the hidden mystery character. It’s very similar to the Gifty unlock.
Leprechaun: You have to play as one of the new UK or Ireland characters and find the 4 leaf clover!

Australian Update Characters:
Crab: You can unlock the Crab with every Crossy Road characters. There are two conditions for the unlock: You have to swipe left and right sideways 49 times or more and get at least a score of 40.
Drop Bear: You have to play one of the Australian characters: Kangaroo,  Platypus, Echidna, Kookaburra, Wombat, Koala, Dingo, Cockatoo, Emu. The Drop Bear will wait somewhere in the trees and when you come nearby he will jump on you and you will die and the character will be unlocked.

Chinese New Year’s Update:
Cai Shen: Play one of the Chinese New Year Characters like the Fortune Chicken or Xi. In the Chinese New Years Level with all the Pagodas and Fireworks, you have to collect 21 or more of the red envelopes in total. They can be obtained in different rounds, so you can die in between.

The three developers added themselves as a Crossy Road hidden character. To unlock the developers you have to play their favourite characters and beat your high score or at least get a great score, which is considered to be higher than 86% of your high score. Furthermore your score must be at least 50.
For Andy Sum you have to play the Mallard.
For Ben Weatherall you have to play the Dark Lord.
For Matt Hall you have to play the Lucky Cat, which resembles a cat from his neighborhoods.

Christmas Update:
For Gifty you have to play the Festive Chicken in Winter Wonderland. Once you hear the Christmas Music you know, you are near a field with a Christmas Tree, which will gift you with Gifty.

The first Crossy Road Secret Character the Hipster Whale unlock: The Hipster Whale appears occasionally in the river, you have to jump on his back to unlock this characters. It’s rather rare so you might have to play a very long time until you find him.

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