TRIPLE JUMP by Ketchapp Review

We are playing the new game Triple Jump (Ketchapp and Marius Gerlich). It’s a simple one touch game, in which you have to jump up to 3 times and avoid the spikes and rings. Collect gems to unlock new balls and cores. We did a high score record attempt and got a highscore of 86, what is yours?
Marius Gerlich is the developer of the blockbuster hit ZigZag and Pinball Sniper.

App description:
„Keep rolling and do as many jumps as you can!

Just tap the screen and make up to three jumps before touching the ground again. Try not to hit the obstacles! Collect gems to unlock new balls.

How far can you go?“

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iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) :…
Mauigo Games by Marius Gerlich:
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