THE WALLS (Ketchapp) Review ☆10 NEW game by ZigZag Dev | Level based High Scores! ☆Advent Calendar☆

​Today we play The Walls by Ketchapp and mauigo games (Marius Gerlich). The game is about guiding a ball through a world full of walls. The ball is moving between 2 walls. You have to tap the screen at the right moment to change the direction. Only 3 taps are required to finish a Level in this one tap game. Sounds simple? It isn’t 😉 This time it’s not a typical high score based game, it’s about reaching higher levels. We went straight for a „highscore level“ attempt and got until level 7 after some minutes. Can you beat this? Submit your own highst Level here. Also tell us your opinion about the game. Enjoy!

◉ Bounce between the walls and follow the path until you reach the exit of each level!
◉ Just tap the screen at the right moment to move the ball on the next path.
◉ Collect gems to unlock new balls and try not to fall off the edges!

How far can you go?

Release date is December 10 2015.

Download The Walls App by Ketchapp and mauigo games (Marius Gerlich) for FREE
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch):

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