Pixar Inside Out – Disney Crossy Road – Secret Characters

Pixar Inside Out Secret Characters

#1 Fritz – Feeling Emotional“ Set
Character in the Set: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust

#2 Bobby – Brain Maintenance“ Set
Character in the Set: Fritz, Brain Worker, Dave, Paula, Bing Bong…

#3 Abstract Joy – Action Unlock!
Play as Abstract Bing Bong (secret character) and find the star Abstract Joy in the game. Once you found him die and you will unlock him.

#4 Abstract Sadness – Action Unlock!
Play as Abstract Bing Bong (secret character) and place yourself next to Abstract Sadness when you find her in game. Once you die, you will unlock Abstract Sadness.

#5 Abstract Bing Bong- Action Unlock!
Play as Bing Bong until you see a special grey door with a exclamation mark on it. Once you die you will unlock Abstract Bing Bong.

#6 Jangles  – Daily Missions
This character can be unlocked by collecting 6 daily mission stamps.

#7 Frank – Action Unlock!
Play as Dave and find Bing Bong in the game. Once you caught him he is arrested and you will unlock Dave’s buddy Frank.

#8 Brazilian Helicopter Pilot – Action Unlock!
Play as Sadness. When you find him in the game and die he will be unlocked.

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