Lara Craft Go: The Shard of Life – First big update! Sale $2.99 instead of $4.99 for a limited time.

The mobile game Lara Croft Go got its first big update adding 26 all new levels called „The Shard of Life“. There are new puzzles and mysteries to solve and 2 new outfits to unlock. Since it got more difficult, the new levels are meant to be for players who already beat the original game. Furthermore the game is currently on sale for $2.99 instead of $4.99.

Here’s the update log:
„What’s New in Version 2.0
• A whole new adventure!
• 26 new puzzles in a mysterious new location – the Cave of Fire
• 1 new mechanic that changes enemy behavior completely
• New set of gems to discover: obsidian stones
• 2 new artifacts to collect
• 2 new costumes
• New achievements
• New snapshot feature added
• Support for Traditional Chinese
• Language selection menu added“
Lara Croft Go is an awesome addition to the Tomb Raider series, you can download it here for Android and iOS. Tell us what you think about the update!


AppStore description:
>>“A legit masterpiece“ – The App Store
„A classic Tomb Raider experience“ – IGN
„A journey well worth taking“ – Entertainment Weekly
„Beautiful and challenging“ – The Examiner

Lara Croft GO is a turn based puzzle-adventure set in a long-forgotten world. Explore the ruins of an ancient civilization, discover well-kept secrets and face deadly challenges as you uncover the myth of the Queen of Venom.

• Experience lush visuals and a captivating soundtrack
• Navigate using simple swipe-to-move controls
• Fight menacing enemies, overcome dangerous obstacles and escape deadly traps
• Solve more than 101 puzzles split into 6 chapters
• Collect ancient relics and unlock new outfits for Lara

Following the award-winning Hitman GO, Square Enix Montréal brings yet another beloved franchise to mobile with this unique take on the iconic heroine’s adventures.<<

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