Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer PSX 2015! Game coming soon!

Finally the dream of all the Final Fantasy fans around the world comes true. Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake and the trailer was just released! When Finally Fantasy VII was released back in 1997, it was the huge system seller title, which led the very first PlayStation One by Sony to its success. Before that Nintendo and Square Enix have argued about a release on Nintendo 64 or Super Nintendo, but due to the old fashioned cartridge system the partnership didn’t take place. The rest is history.
Looks like the all new Final Fantasy VII remake is more of an Action RPG than a pure RPG. What do you think about the trailer? Are you going to purchase the new game or are you sticking to the original?

Here’s the original Final Fantasy 7 for mobile phones.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod):
Anroid: Not available.

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