Disney CR Cars 3 Update Secret Characters

Cars 3 Secret Characters

The new Disney Crossy Road Cars 3 Update 2017 was just released this July. Please help us in the comments if you have any further information.   NEW SECRET CHARACTERS

NEW #1 Florida 500 Ramone – Action Unlock Unlock Florida 500 Ramone by playing as Ramone and die at exactly 99 hops. Note (by DaMobile Mob): Don’t pick up fuel, it will corrupt your score and you will loose sight of the real hops.

NEW #2 Cars 3 Ramone – Action Unlock Unlock by playing as Florida 500 Ramone (secret character #1) and get hit by pursuing cars (the red line under you) 10 times.

NEW #3 Dusty – Action Unlock
Play as Rusty and complete 3 laps within one race to unlock Dusty.

NEW #4 Rusty- Action Unlock Play as Lightning McQueen and complete one lap in less than 20 seconds to unlock Rusty

NEW #5 Primer Lightning McQueen – The Fast as Lightning Set Complete the Fast as Lightning Set.

Suggestions for characters are welcome.   Special thanks to YouTubers  DaMobile Mob  and Disney Dan / Disney Infinity Code for providing tons of information!