Disney CR Mulan Update Secret Characters

The new Disney Crossy Road Mulan Update 2017 was just released. If you have any tips & tricks how to unlock Aladdin secret characters, please write us comments here!


#1 The Matchmaker – Honor to us all Set 
Get all characters from Mulan’s family to unlock the Matchmaker.

#2 Training Dummy – I’ll make a man out of you Set
Get all Mulan Warriors to unlock the Training Dummy.

#3 General Li – Action Unlock
Play as Captain Li Shang and hop 100 times to unlock General Li.

#4 Little Girl Doll – Action Unlock
Play as the Secret Character General Li and hop 100 times to unlock Little Girl Doll.

#5 Falcon Rider Mushu – Action Unlock
Play as Mushu and a Falcon without any feathres to unlock the Falcon Rider Mushu.

#6 Chicken – Action Unlock
Play as Little Brother and find the Chicken pen.

Daily Mission Secret Characters:

#7 ???, #8  ???, #9  ???
Complete the Daily Missions to unlock these Secret Characters.

Special thanks go to YouTuber DaMobile Mob for providing a lot of the info!