Disney CR The Beauty and the Beast Update Secret Characters

The Beauty and The Beast Secret Characters

The new Disney Crossy Road  The Beauty and the Beast Update 2017 was just released this March. Please help us in the comments if you know how to unlock the remaining character.
#1 The Rose – The Cursed Set 
Get all characters who are cursed such as Lumiere, Cogsworth, Beast, Chip, Plumette, Mrs. Potts and the Beast.

#2 Garderobe – Dressed for Success Set
Get all well dressed characters such as Gaston, LeFou, the Beast any many more.

#3 Winter Cold Belle – Action Unlock
Play as classic Belle and collect 50 Books to unlock this winter dressed Belle character.

#4 War Hero Gaston – Action Unlock
Play as Gaston and score over 250 points in one game.

#5 Prince Adam – Action Unlock
First unlock the enchanted Ballroom Beast by completing the Weekend Challenges. Then play as Ballroom Beast and dance with Ballroom Belle to unlock Prince Adam.

Special thanks go to YouTuber DaMobile Mob

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