Alice Through the Looking Glass Secret Characters

#1 Bandersnatch – Daily Missions
This character can be unlocked by collecting 6 daily mission stamps.

#2 Humpty Dumpty – „Wonderland Heroes“ Set
Character guesses: Alice, Dormouse, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Absolem, Mad Hatter and probably more
Removed: , March Hare, the White Rabbit

#3 Vegetable Servant – „Born to serve“ Set
Character guesses: Frog Delivery Man, Imaginary Boyfriend and others…

#4 Vegetable Soldier – Action Unlock!
Play as Green Army Man (Toy Story) and wait for magnifying glass to come. Once the beam burns your head and you die you will unlock the Vegetable Soldier.

#5 Wilkins – Collect Numbers Unlock!
Play as Time (Alice through the Looking Glass) and collect 50 latin numbers to unlock Wilkins.