☆1 CROSSY ROAD ACE UNLOCK | Secret Character ☆Advent Calendar☆ 

#1 This is the first video of our Advent Calendar series. 

Today we show you how to unlock and get the NEW Crossy Road Secret Character Ace that replaces the Secret Character Jughead of the Micro Update. The conditions are the same that were needed for the Jughead Unlock. You have to play as Rocky (replaces Archie) and eat 50 hamburgers and cheeseburgers in total. They can be obtained in different rounds. Once you die after that, the hidden mystery character is unlocked!
The new Crossy Road Update was released on Amazon, and iOS first! Android users still have to wait for that change that come with the Halloween Update for iOS and Amazon.

Crossy Road Halloween Update: In the update of 21 October 2015 Archie was renamed Rocky and the Secret Character Jughead is now called Ace. The conditions are still the same.

Here are the other hidden mystery characters unlock of Crossy Road: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_8AmoESN9s

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